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David plays drums incredibly, with an amazing fluid technique, a precise light touch, and a calm and peaceful manner that belies the strength and endurance that resides below the surface. He also plays other sound sources such as meditation bowls in his performance.

I must say he left the whole audience, including myself and all the other well known drummers in nothing less than a trance. When he was done, he received a well deserved standing ovation
Michael Shrieve (original drummer for Santana)  

...he has incredible facility and what is even more amazing is the unique way of interpreting classic drum licks from the great masters to make them his own.
Danny Seraphine (drummer for Chicago)

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David plays with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Latest News & Events

News 2015

Melbourne - FREE event Sun 29 Nov 3pm

Creative Rhythm Workshop in Ivanhoe.  Bookings required.  More info here.

Melbourne - Concert Fri 27 Nov

Brothers - East meets West in this hauntingly beautiful, intellectually stimulating, rhythmically intense concert.  More info and bookings

Melbourne - Concert Fri 20 Nov

100:25:1 100 musicians 25 concerts connected by 1 person - Adam Simmons.  David will be part of 4 duets on Friday 20 November.  More info and bookings

Listen to David's radio interview with Leon Gettler

Here's a link to the one hour podcast on 30 Aug 2015

Listen to David's interview with Red Symons

Listen to David with ABC 774's Red Symons - they are clearly enjoying the moment together 

VCA Fellowship

David's appointment as Honorary Fellow at the VCA is continuing in 2016. He'll be running workshops, ensembles and individual lessons.

James Morrison Academy

James has invited David to be part of the team at the brand new Academy in Mt Gambier.  Check out the website here. 

David's DVD - Drumscapes

David's brilliant solo show is now available as a 60 minute DVD - you can buy it online now!

Announcing the perfect match - David Jones and Ludwig Drums!

visit Ludwig facebook page

David in 4 parts

David's fanttastic video on youtube - click to watch

Drum VIDEOS on youtube

David has uploaded some drumming videos to his youtube channel.  Click here to view. If you subscribe to David's youtube channel he'll let you know when he uploads new videos.

Watch David with SSO

If you missed David with the Sydney Symphony in A Gershwin Tribute, at the Sydney Opera House, you can watch it by clicking on this link , and then type "A Gershwin Tribute" in the search box in the top right corner.  David performs in Part 2 of the concert.

Listen to podcasts of David on ABC radio

1) On Friday 14th David joined John Bell (of the Bell Shakespeare Company) on "The Conversation Hour" with Jon Faine and Alison Whyte.  Find the podcast here.

2) On Saturday 22nd David enjoyed a wonderful conversation with The Coodabeens.  Click here for the podcast, press play and slide the slider bar across until 45:00 minutes remains, and that's where David's section begins.

Meditation For Life Series

8 Guided meditation CDs by David and Carmen through ABC Music - Click to read More

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 Just as white light contains all colours of the spectrum, silence contains all possible sounds. Silence is the blank canvas for the musician. Silence is pure concentrated thought... spiritual thought.

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